Paper Writing, Plotting and Coding Tips

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See also time plan by tomato-timing. Variable Names # several types: var name in paper, usually single char, e.g. $d$. col name in df/dt, usually several words, e.g. “search_step”. human readable string, e.g. “Search Step Length”. other variables in R/Py, e.g. t_searchStep, algorithmSetup$searchStepLengthListing. Linguistic & Journals Tools # English colocations (搭配): Linggle.com & NetSpeak.org & Writefull & Grammarly English Corpus (inc.colocates ) (语料库) Contemporary American English & British National Corpus (BYU-BNC) (see ref-Corpus for usages ! ...

MicroSoft (MS) Office Citation/Bibliography - How To

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NOTE: this article is dated, please use Zotero plugins. 1. Import Resources # “over-write”, if asked. 2. Insert Citation # 3. Append Bibliography # 4. Known Issues # 4.1. Delete Extra Items # MS will not delete the extra items (not cited items) automatically. Make sure that your thesis is the final version, then you could delete the extra bib items. References > Manage > Select (on the right hand) > Delete. ...