R DT data.table Join

2016-10-11. Category & Tags: DT, R, Data.table, Join

This is part of PML notes. HDD: r_data_table_start Prepare Data # library(dplyr) library(readr) library(data.table) hero = " name, alignment, gender, publisher Magneto, bad, male, MarvelDuplicate Storm, good, female, MarvelDuplicate Batman, good, male, DC Joker, bad, male, DC Catwoman, bad, female, DC Hellboy, good, male, Dark Horse Comics " hero = read_csv(hero, trim_ws = TRUE, skip = 1) hero = data.table(hero) publisher = " publisher, yr_founded DC, 1934 MarvelDuplicate, 1939 MarvelDuplicate, 8888 Image, 1992 " publisher = read_csv(publisher, trim_ws = TRUE, skip = 1) publisher = data. ...

Notes of Practical Machine Learning (Coursera PML)

2016-06-28. Category & Tags: Practical Machine Learning, PML, R, Notes, Coursera, Johns Hopkins University, Data.table, DT

It has been a long time since I started using R. Recently, I found some old notes, and I prefer to put it in digital archive, this blog post is to achieve the purpose. DT (data.table) # data.table cheat sheet This data.table (DT) instruction is also available on my github, ispiared by this ref //TODO # //TODO: summarize Solve common R problems efficiently with data.table which is must-read. backup //TODO: summarize High-performance Solution in R ...