Machine Learning - Just-do-it (hands on) Basics

Machine Learning - Just-do-it (hands on) Basics

2017-03-13. Category & Tags: Machine Learning

See also: ML books.

This blog collects some useful materials for non-theory learners like engineers.

Book: python-machine-learning-book
code on github

ML from scratch (py)
Erik Linder-Norén, Stockholm

Machine learning, in numpy (so, also scratch, but a lot Neural Nets & RL)
David Bourgin, CA

7 Types of Regression Techniques you should know (modern regressions)
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GitHub标星1.3k!一款功能强大的特征选择工具 2019.11

Causality analysis: MS dowhy, Causalinference in py (inactive), CausalInference in Julia, IBM causallib etc.

Machine Learning Logistics, by Ted Dunning, Ellen Friedman @O’Reilly full text. Keywords: Rendezvous Architecture; Data Science in Production; Model Management from the Front Lines.