Google NCR (No Country Redirection)

To avoid contry redirection, use the following search string in chrome as the default engine:

There are some extensions to force another redirection to .com, but it disturbs the "back page" action.

Python the Language (in case of)

Install Py3

Download and install py3 from the official website.

During installation, make sure to "add to system PATH".

If it is only in user's "Path", we need to also add to system "PATH" (both the python root folder and the script subfolder), and make sure it is......

Learning Django MVC Framework

This is my learning notes of sentdex's youtube tutorial, the original video+text one is here, and another backend tutorial and a book "O'Reilly 2014 - Test-Driven Development with Python (django 1.7)".

Good resource:


python 3 (inc pip), make sur......

Mathematical Terminology




minuend − subtrahend = difference

被减数 - 减数 = 差

arithmetic progression (AP) / arithmetic sequence


geometric progression (GP) / geometric sequence




turning point := at which the derivative changes sign

极值点 := 导数正负分界点(导数为0且变号)

$f'=0$ &......


Shortcut / Keymap

web (modified to: weidadeyue_jupyter-notebook-cheatsheet-shortcut.xlsx)


totally vim binding (with nix cmd)

for win, run the following: (though output ok, seems not working)

jupyter --data-dir

mkdir -p C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\jupyter\nbextensions

cd C:\......

Weird Windows Icon Web Font Display Bug

Problem Setting

Web fonts can not be decoded, pages are showing a lot of squares.

For instance, chrome gives following error in concole:

Failed to decode downloaded font: https://xxxx.ttf

Failed to decode downloaded font: https://xxxx.woff