Swedish-English 瑞英 真人发音双解字/词典: Offline Folkets Lexikon (人民字典)

Swedish-English 瑞英 真人发音双解字/词典: Offline Folkets Lexikon (人民字典)

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(Offline/Local Storage) Sunny Folkets Lexikon:

Swedish-English Bilingual Dictionary with Real Voice.

Svenska-Engelska Tvåspråkig Lexikon med Riktig Röst.


Platforms #

  • Windows: Goldendict & Mdict;
  • Linux: Goldendict;
  • HPC, Windows Mobile (WM 2003+): Mdict;
  • iPhone (App Store): here; (Thanks “SVENSKA 瑞典漂流” 群) (Not verified, please comment/email me if any problem.)
  • Android (Play / App Store): GoldenDict (ad-sponsored) & Mdict (ad-free).

Part 1. PC - Windows/Linux #

Sunny Folkets Lexikon SV-EN/SV is based on Folkets Lexikon sv_en [1].

Current Version: v3.0. The newest version will be published here, my blog.

I have searched the Internet but could not find any Swedish-to-English dictionary I like especially with sounds/voice. Fortunately, the People’s Dict [1] is great and open content (it is on-online only). So I built an off-line version.

Installation and configuration:

1. Download and install Golden Dict from sourceforge:



  • sudo apt-get install goldendict


  • sudo yum install goldendict

2. Download Sunny Folkets Lexikon SV-EN from github: (usually, you need 5 files (see step 3 and 4) )


/_ For Linux-KDE users, please uncheck the “auto select file extension” on the bottom of the download window, and type-in the right extension. _/

(For the ones living in China: 国内网速慢, 请到华为网盘(迅雷可以满速): http://dl.dbank.com/c0irry22qc ,下载所有文件并解压, 同样得到 5 个文件. 注意, 只解压缩.rar 文件, 不要解压从.rar 中得到的.zip 文件.) 华为网盘已经关闭。

github download

3. Put these three files (OBS: mp3 format dict needs 200MB hard disk space ):

/_ .dsl is the Lingvo format [2] _/

Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon-sv_en-mp3-BinSun.dsl**.v3** ; (plz delete ‘.v3’ suffix after downloading)

Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon-sv_en-mp3-BinSun.ann**_.v3 _**; (plz delete ‘.v3’ suffix after downloading)

Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon-sv*en-*mp3_-BinSun.dsl.files.zip . (do NOT unzip it !!!)


/* It may cause compatibility problems while using mp3 format dict along with other wav format dictionaries.

If you have any problem, download the wav dict format instead (1.7GB). */

Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon-sven-wav-BinSun.dsl**.v3*** ; (plz delete ‘.v3’ suffix _after downloading*)

Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon-sv_en-wav-BinSun.ann**.v3** ; (plz delete ‘.v3’ suffix after downloading)

Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon-sv_en-wav-BinSun.dsl.files.zip (do NOT unzip it !!!)


into any new folder, for example, “C:\New Folder for Sunny Folkets Lexikon” .

OBS: The old version 2 (xxx.dsl.v2) has problems in Windows.

4. Put these two files:

/_ OBS: just use these for looking up Swedish, not English, otherwise you may get application crashes. _/

_sv_SE.aff ; _

_sv_SE.dic _

into the morphology folder of GoldenDict (normally, it is: C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldenDict\content\morphology ).

/_ For Linux users, put them two into any new folder and config “Edit->Dictionaries->Sources->Morphology” pointing to the folder. _/

5. Run GoldenDict from your desktop, or C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldenDict\GoldenDict.exe_ ._

5.1 Choose menu > “Edit” > “Dictionaries…” , in the pop-up window, choose “Sources” > “Morphology”, check/enable “Swedish (SE) Morphology” > “OK”.

5.2 Choose menu > “Edit” > “Dictionaries…” , in the pop-up window, choose “Sources” > “Files” > “Add…”. Here, add the previous folder (“C:\New Folder for Sunny Folkets Lexikon”), and wait for seconds. After GoldenDict refreshed its database, you are ready to go!

For Linux users, the procedure is similar. Please use the packets/software manager to download/install GolenDict instead.

Notice: The content is the contribution of people (inc. me), using it at your own risk. Bug reports are welcome (you will find it after installation).


Part 2. Windows Mobile / PC: #

1. Download and install Mdict:


2. Download ( from https://github.com/SunnyBingoMe/Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon/downloads ) and put these 2 files:

Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon-sv_en-BinSun.mdx.v3 (plz delete ‘.v3’ suffix after downloading)
_ Sunny-Folkets-Lexikon-sv_en-BinSun.mdd_

into the “library” subfolder of Mdict installation folder. (Please create a folder if there is not.)

2.1. For my WM 6.5, it is
span style="color: #888888; ">Computer\Sunny's HD2 T8585</span>\Storage Card\Program Files\MDict\Library\ in “My Computer” when u connected your phone to your Windows PC.

2.2. For windows PC, it is X:\Program Files (x86)\mdict\Library\ in “My Computer”.

3. Import “Sunny Folkets Lexikon”:

Run mdict.exe and go to the Menu -> Library(词库) -> Library Manager(词库管理) ->Import Library(导入词库) -> Browse -> OK.

4. Use it:

Go to the Menu -> _Library(词库) -> Check “0 _Sunny Folkets Lexikon sv_en Bin Sun”.

You could enjoy it now :)

Hint: You could use mouse to select a word to search a new word. Specially, this feature is very useful when you are seeing one derivation of another word.


Part 3. Appendices: #

  1. Errors:

If your Goldendict fails to load dictionaries sometime, try delete folder:
and then re-run your Goldendict to let it re-index the dictionaries.

  1. Grammar:

关于语法部分(本字典中使用红色字体,用方括号扩起来的部分),以“pratar”为例,“ [A ~ (med B) (om x/att+SATS)](v1 和 v2 中“~”是“&”)中,“”指代 the current word (当前词条),“A, B”这些独立的大写字母指代不同的 someone (人);“x”指代somegthing (物),“med”,“om”,“att”等是常见搭配(这一点是显然的)SATS表示 one sentence (一句完整的话)(一般包括主谓宾)//这些都是我的推测,仅供参考。

  1. License:

CC BY-SA 2.5: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic (署名-相同方式共享 2.5)


Ref #

  1. http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/folkets.en.html

  2. http://informationworker.ru/lingvo.en/index.html?page=dsl_main_dlg.htm

Alternatives for phone:
sv-en 1: Lexin (Swedish Dictionary)
sv-en 2: Lexin Translator - Folkets
sv-multi: Lexin
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