DMML Tools Trend & Relationship 2016

DMML Tools Trend & Relationship 2016

2016-06-16. Category & Tags: DMML, Tools, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

This is a summary of KD-nuggets blogs: here and here. Pictures are modified for my own notes.

Tools Associations #

sunny’s conclusion #

Possible framework 1: Hadoop + Spark + Python + scikit.
Possible framework 2: SQL+ Excel + Tableau.
Try NOT use: RapidMiner, KNIME (whatever situation).

Big Data Related Tools #

Deep Learning Related Tools #

Big_Data- / Deep_Learning-Related Tools #

Conclusion 1: Big_Data & DL are positively related.
Conclusion 2: Scala is designed/dedicated for Big_Data & DL.

R- / Python-Geo Preference #

text description #

North Am has no feeling.
EU: love Py, more than R.
Asia: love R, more than Py.
Latin Am: love R, much more than Py.
Oceanian: love both more than other regions.

R- / Python-Related Tools #

Three-Year Trend #

short version #

  1. in top 10, only KNIME is loosing market:

  2. some are growing rapidly:

full version #

  • NICE: already great tools, and growing fast.
  • IGNORE: already few users, and dropping fast.

Corporate Investors In AI Startups #

Corporate Investors In AI Startups
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