Paper Writing, Plotting and Coding Tips

Paper Writing, Plotting and Coding Tips

2017-02-02. Category & Tags: Academy, Writing, LaTex

See also time plan by tomato-timing.

Variable Names #

several types:

  • var name in paper, usually single char, e.g. $d$.
  • col name in df/dt, usually several words, e.g. “search_step”.
  • human readable string, e.g. “Search Step Length”.
  • other variables in R/Py, e.g. t_searchStep, algorithmSetup$searchStepLengthListing.

Linguistic & Journals Tools #

Datasets #

See also Bookmarks.

LaTex Tools #

Latex Skills #

Auto generate Table of Figures.

PDF Tools #

PDF to many many … 1: 48 USD/year, free if non-OCR, <15MB.
PDF to many many … 2: 6 RMB/mon.

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