BibLatex, BibTex, Citation, Reference Formatting

BibLatex, BibTex, Citation, Reference Formatting

2017-05-23. Category & Tags: Bibtex, LaTex, Tex, Bibliometrix

Tested version option: R 4.2.2, Bibliometrix 4.0.1 (current version 2022-12-01).

See video tutorials on bilibili: 13min; 3 software playlist; etc.


Install the “bibliometrix” r package:

For Bibliometrix v4 (Windows binary):
install.packages( c("bibliometrix"), type="win.binary")
Dependencies will be installed.

If type is not specified, you will be asked, and choose no:

Then restart RStudio, and run biblioshiny:
library(bibliometrix); biblioshiny()
which shows a locl web (v3 & v4):
image which requires SCI or Scopus data. Here we use SCI (web of science/knowledge).

Go to SCI, search & refine (“Advanced Search” is better). Usually, we choose Core Collection + SCI:

Then export results as “Full Records and Cited References”. If not available, use “marked list” with steps as below.
Add all results to a new “marked list”:

Go to the “marked list” (can be searched):

Refine by “Core Collection”, “Export” as “Plain text” (“BibTeX” causes M-object issues) with “Full Records and Cited References”.
(WARN: make sure to follow those steps exactly !!!)
(Needs to export several times if more than 500 records, then combine them into one file: “type 1.txt 501.txt > all.txt” etc.)

Now, it is ok to import the file into Shiny Web UI.
Usually, do NOT use the “Filter” step/tab.
WARN: close the old browser tab before running a new Shiny.

faq #

Problem: “ERROR: The size of the connection buffer (131072) was not large enough to fit a complete line. Increase it by setting Sys.setenv("VROOM_CONNECTION_SIZE").”
Reasons: 1. file format wrong (should be Unix-LF with UTF-8-BOM); 2. vroom is small.
Solution: 1. correct file format; 2. Sys.setenv("VROOM_CONNECTION_SIZE" = 131072 * 2); library(bibliometrix); biblioshiny().

ref:, the official site.
A brief introduction to bibliometrix (usage).
ref as slides.

Problem: “Object ‘M’ not found.”
Reason: github.
Solution: use raw/plain text instead of .bib format.

Problem: Buggy versions. For Bibliometrix v3 (WARN: use v<3.2 or v>=4, otherwise buggy):

install.packages( c("C:/path/"), type="win.binary")
# and dependencies:
install.packages( c("rio", "haven", "shinycssloaders", "wordcloud2", "ggmap", "maps", "visNetwork"), type="win.binary")


package{natbib} #

% OBS!: plainnat style has conflict with C style multi-line comments /* */.
% OBS!: plainnat request zotero to export records as bibTex, not bibLatex.


\cite               Aaa et al. (2002)

\citet              == \cite
\citet*             Aaa, Bbb and Ccc (2002)

\citep              (Aaa et al., 2002)
\citep*             (Aaa, Bbb and Ccc, 2002)

\citealt            Aaa et al. 2002
\citealp            Aaa et al., 2002

\citeauthor{..}     Aaa et al.
\citeauthor*{..}    Aaa, Bbb and Ccc

\citeyear{..}       2002
\citeyearpar{..}    (2002)

\citep[see][chap.~2]{..} (see Jones et al., 1990, chap. 2)

ref: possible author’s web