Play Linux System Distributions Online in a Web Browser

Play Linux System Distributions Online in a Web Browser

2022-02-16. Category & Tags: System, Linux, Distributions, Online, Web

Note: many with 5 minute inactive limit and 30 minutes per session limit.

CodeAnyWhere container (tested 2022.02, w/ root-sudo & git): py, c/c++, java, php, js, ruby, h5, wordpress, .net, rust, go, node.js. (can skip all payment part). terminal speed good. limitted free trial time.

WebMinal (tested 2022.02, NO root/git) (CN network issue for home page, but ok after): Federo CentOS7 (py2.7), right-sided lessons/tutorials (great for new users): shell, MySQL, Python etc.

OnWorks (tested 2022.02): Ubuntu 20, Win 10, Fedora etc. GUI speed ok, low resolution, server in Germany, connection may go down due to network. (tested 2022.02, w/ root): many OS’s (NO ubuntu): arch, BSD, win DOS/1/3/98/2000 etc… support uploading own disk images. NOTE: disable downloading software browser integration.

CoCalc (tested 2022.02, NO root): meant for teaching/education; Git requires payment. JupyterLab based on Google cloud, jupyter kernels: sh, python, r, C/C++, js, julia, octave, prolog, sagemath, sparql.

Linux LXD container tutorial (tested 2022.02, w/ root) (CN network issue): many OS’s, pop-up VNC viewer or own client (需要允许弹窗).

js/uix: just for fun.

TutorialsPoint: providing an editor to a script then run the script, support pre-defined stdin.

JSLinux: (tested 2022.02, w/ root & git): Fedora 33 CLI & GUI, Buildroot, Alpine 3; Win2000, FreeDOS. slow terminal, practically NOT-working network, cannot paste.