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2022-04-11. Category & Tags: Blog, Knowledge Base, Knowledge Management, Note, Team Members Management

updated:2023-10-21 See also: Project & Code Management Platform Comparison Blogs # Public host 【not recommended due to the lack of desktop clients】: CSDN / CNBlogs (博客园) / zhuanlan.zhihu (知乎专栏) / / blogger / … Self-host/Private host framework (LAMP/XAMPP/MEAN): / Drupal / Joomla / Hugo / Farbox2 … Public/Private host: Hexo/JekyII/Hugo + / / … Near real time solution: Farbox (open source version of Bitcron), Docsify (filename for URL, not good for SEO), hugo server. ...

Migrate from (old) FarBox to Bitcron

2020-11-04. Category & Tags: FarBox, BitCron, Blog, Hosting, Markdown

Migrating # method 1 - manual cp # Official doc suggest to copy manually to the new Dropbox folder (/Apps/Bitcron/internal-domain-name). WARN for & template (see ref-doc-fr.-farbox) method 2 - build in # More…(更多…), 再选择 “Move from FarBox” WARN for images: “注意: 如果原 FarBox 网站本身有大量的(高清、原始)图片,不要使用这种方式,因为 FarBox 本身不会存储原始的图片,通过其迁移到 Bitcron,图片本身已经被压缩过大小了。” New Useful Stuff # New Dashboard New Doc Domain Binding # ref-doc-domain method 1 - ns # use name servers (NS): ns1. ...