File Sync & Backup Tools (FreeFileSync TrueNAS SyncThing Synolog QNap NAS)

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NextCloud vs. Seafile vs. SyncThing # NextCloud Seafile SyncThing License Open source Open source/Enterprise License Open source Large file support Yes Yes Yes Centralized Yes (CS Mode) Yes (CS Mode) No (P2P Mode) Self-hosted Yes Yes — Server OS Linux/Windows/MacOS Linux/Windows — Docker Support Yes Yes Yes Language PHP C, Python GO Mobile Clients iPhone/Android/Windows iPhone/Android Android Desktop Clients Mac/Windows/Linux Mac/Windows/Linux Mac/Windows/Linux Single Sign-On Yes No No Sync local folder Yes Yes Yes LAN Synchronization No Yes Yes Multi-Tenant No Yes No File Versioning Yes Yes Yes Chat (Audio/Video/Text) Yes No No Calendar/Contact/Mail integration Yes Calendar and Contact No Active Directory Support Yes Yes No Online Office Yes In Pro. ...

NFS How-To

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Update: 2017-01-06 Warn 1: for non-English, use samba/sshfs instead. unless win has NFS v4 or above which can solve non-UTF8 problems. Warn 2: svchost consumes 1.5GB ram, don’t know why. See Also Links SSHFS/SFTP CIFS/SMB/Samba OBS # Combining simlink (ln -s) with NFS may cause weird file path problems. We tried to have a link at NFS to Dropbox in nfs, also tried to have a link at home to mount point at /mnt. ...