IoT Protocol -- Modbus

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OSI vs. Modbus Layers: Tip: RS-485/RS485’s new name is EIA-485. UART usually (99%) means TTL in shops, not 232/485. DB9 physical port usually (90%) means 232 electrical signals level standards. Modbus Protocol # See Also: 【strongly recommend!】 a nice intro to Modbus and Modbus Enron. (Simply Modbus 软件收费,但是这个 Modbus 入门文档非常好) 一文看懂 Modbus 协议 Complete Modbus Guide. a good intro to Modbus. Each Modbus Slave has 4 tables with 9999 values in each table. ...


2021-02-20. Category & Tags: MQTT, IoT

Server example: Apache ActiveMq (ref, bak). activemq-admin.bat create mybroker cd mybroker/bin/ mybroker.bat start Client: MQTTX, Chrome MQTTBox, etc. See more servers/clients/tools/libs here: HiveMq