System/Network Measuring/Monitoring Theory & Tools

2012-03-07. Category & Tags: Leading, Soft&Skills Leading, Soft&Skills, Measurement, 系统, 网络, 监控, 测量

See also: Network Hardware - Fiber: /fiber. NMAP: /nmap. Private IPv4 Network & Ranges # ( - ); ( - ); ( - ) ref: 内网 IP 段有哪些 Tools # trace route # mtr (my traceroute / traceroute 2.0) real-time speed # bmon (graph) multi-interface nload (graph) unit : (k)bit min, max, avg, total (avg is the same as nethogs) slurm (graph); slurm -i wlan0 nethogs sudo nethogs wlan0 pid, user, program CPU-consuming (stable, the same as avg of nload) ifstat scrolling text iftop (current graph) [speed per connection] nic is needed, otherwise wired by default. ...