Deep Learning - Just do it!

2019-07-22. Category & Tags: Deep Learning, DL, Practise

see also: /dl-theory Data # 不得不赞!一个国内(可能)最好的海量 CV 数据集获取网站 Tutorials # 图像分类任务中的 tricks 总结 (bak) 邱锡鹏 教授 2020 神经网络与深度学习 Keywords: CNN, RNN, Attention, Gaussian Mix., RBM, DBN, GAN, RL, TF, PyTorch: equation, pseudocode, exercise … PDF, PPT, code, exercise & solution, etc. A collection of various DL deep learning architectures, models, and tips for TensorFlow and PyTorch in Jupyter Notebooks 2019 《TensorFlow 2.0 深度学习算法实战 2019》 (pdf version via Python 数据科学) ICCV 2019 教程: DL SOTA by MXNET & GluonCV, [github] [cn intor] CS294-158 Deep Unsupervised Learning, 14 weeks, slides & youtube, Spring 2019 (overview in CN) fast. ...