Python the Language (in case of)

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eric crash

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ubuntu 11.10 64bit. eric4 启动后窗口一闪即告崩溃。 命令窗口启动发现: Connected to accessibility bus at: “unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-5rwqiiCSZ1,guid=a3330f45019a77c867e77525000000a2” Registered DEC: true sudo 正常启动,无此提示,因此怀疑是环境变量的问题。 g后发现: 即: export QT_ACCESSIBILITY=0 问题解决。 ps: Accessibility in Qt # by Geir Vattekar Accessibility in computer software is the practice of making applications usable for people with disabilities. This can be implemented by the application itself — for instance, by using a high-contrast user interface with specially selected colors and fonts — or by providing support for external tools, such as screen readers and Braille displays. ...