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Comments? NO Comments! # Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live. Code for readability. – John F. Woods A comment is an apology. ref1,ref2 URL’s # Learn Programming by Game Variable Names # finding suitable names # CN-EN variable names: web: CODELF, (intro: video) general rules #

HTML5:Gate One 0.9发布,支持SSH

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Dan McDougall 发布了Gate One v0.9版。Gate One是利用HTML5技术开发的Web终端模拟器和SSH客户端,使用WebSockets,不要任何插件;支持单一浏览器多同步终端/SSH会话;能在断开后恢复用户会话;支持客户端和服务器端会话记录/回放;可以嵌入到其它应用中。 项目 视频演示 from:


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Data Structure Alignment 数据结构对齐 # x86-64 architecture # Overall rule: any data structure/element should be accessed by CPU with minimum CPU cycles. A 32bit CPU can access 4Bytes in one cycle, while a 64bit one can access 8Bytes. When a memory access is not aligned, it is said to be misaligned (wiki). Thus, there are two practical rules for us to understand compiler’s padding: Rule 1: any basic data structure/element/variable should be aligned so that their beginning address is divisible (任何变量的开始地址都能被自己的大小整除,即:当被访问的数据长度为 n 字节时,数据地址为 n 字节对齐。). ...

Comparison of Programming Fonts - Fantasque vs Dejavu vs Mononoki vs Inconsolata

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Before comparison, we need to know that the following sizes are roughly the same: dejavu09 vs mononoki10 vs inconsolata10 Dejavu # If you are looking at this page, you know coding. If you know coding, you should know Dejavu. Thus, I will skip the intro for it. Mononoki # looks similar like dejavu, but its punctuation is much bigger and easier to see. // may draw mroe attention than code ? ...