Share & Classroom Control & Screen Mirroring

2022-03-06. Category & Tags: Classroom, Share, Terminal, Control, Screen, Mirroring

Live Terminal Sharing (inc. Read-Only) # simple: script + node-webterm # See Github. ref (bak) vscode # ref digitalocean.com tmate # using a opensource relay server (can self-host) tmate.io Veyon.io # After iTalc, free & open source. See also: ControlAula, epoptes. install # Download os-related installer from veyon.io and install, e.g. dpkg -i asdf.deb. config # WARN: English is suggested as the GUI language, unicode may cause weird issues. ...

Tlog - terminal I/O logging (recording) and playback

2020-06-20. Category & Tags: Terminal, Recording

demo video available in ubuntu since 22.04? ref: https://scribery.github.io/tlog/ The JSON messages are structured to be particularly suitable for storage and searching by ElasticSearch, plus for (limited) human review. At the same time, they preserve all the passed data and timing (with 1ms resolution). A typical industrial case/usage: tlog -> rsyslogd -> ElasticSearch RedHat tutorial Succeeded the 1st time after just installed, but failed for later tries. By “Script” # https://unix. ...