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2016-12-27. Category & Tags: Classical, Classic Music, Music

Yet still “popular” classical music. About ≈200 (with “extra"s). Tip: “Extra” means the item does not always occur when comparing different top ≈200 lists. Tip: If one item is not listed in TOC neither “extra” label but only bold, it is top ≈100 to ≈200. Tip: Numbered items: too old, not analyzed, all “extra”. TERMINOLOGIES # Chorus/合唱 Gigue/Giga/吉格:巴洛克舞曲,源自英国民间的 Jig 舞曲。 Mass/Missa/祢撒/弥撒/感恩祭:天主教會拉丁禮的祭祀仪式。 Requiem/Requiemmass/灵歌/慰灵曲/安灵曲/安魂曲:弥撒的一种。 Overture/Prelude/前奏/序曲 Rhapsody/狂想曲 Serenade/小夜曲 Suite/乐队组曲 Concerto/协奏曲 Passion/受难曲 Quartet/四重奏 Quintet/五重奏 ...