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See also: easy2boot, Automatic-Unattended-Install-of-Ubuntu. When installing Ubuntu, it will decide what kind of partition to use: Ubuntu decicison tree for using entire disk: ? installer booted in EFI mode or BIOS mode? * EFI : use gpt and never make biosboot * BIOS ? is the disk larger than the max for msdos (2TB)? * yes : use gpt and ensure there's a biosboot partition * no : use msdos ref ...


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INSTALL # apt-get install quota CONFIG # Add options usrquota,grpquota in /etc/fstab: UUID=a5bcc8d7-asdf / ext4 errors=remount-ro,usrquota,grpquota 0 1 Set quota: setquota -u -F vfsv0 USERNAME 4000000 5000000 0 0 / 4 000 000 ≈ 4GB. OBS: block size is always 1 KB as unit, regardless file systems. Alternatively, edquota USERNAME can be used which brings the nano editor. REBOOT # reboot CHECK # repquota -a #report all users quotaon -pa # check if on

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Firstly, address changed: Secondly, reason. I thought high price lead to good service, but I was wrong: Four days host failure, and I lost all files. Fortunately, I have backups. Besides, wordpress is too heavy, I need a light weighted platform.

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[04.07.2013 21:19 (fr. gplus)] [![](<p class='attachment_article_content'>Wiktionary RDF extraction. Currently available languages: English, German, French, Russian In the works: Greece, Vietnamese Need data from other languages? Help us creating wrappers for each language editions (if you know Regex, XML and Wiktionary, an initial wrapper can be created in less than ... ]( Digest powered by RSS Digest

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[01.07.2013 21:38 (fr. gplus)] [![](<p class='attachment_article_content'>Your News. Delivered. Stay current. Learn. Get inspired. ]( [digg reader (fr. gplus)] digg reader [![](<p class='attachment_article_content'>Welcome to Digg ]( [21.06.2013 15:21 (fr. gplus)] [![](<p class='attachment_article_content'>A collection of some simple plugins and pieces of code. ]( [Reshared post from 李俊: (fr. gplus)] **[Original Post (fr. gplus)] :** 目前找到的看着最舒服的基于twitter bootstrap的tags manager [![](<p class='attachment_article_content'>A tags manager or tags handler or tag input helper to manage tags in a form, it's a jquery plugin for bootstrap. ...

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[25.12.2012 12:50 (fr. gplus)] [<p>Office 2007以后,公式编辑变得比较方便,公式本身不再是OLE对象,而是变 ... 例如 要在对图中的等号进行对齐,可以在需要换行的地方Shift+Enter ... ]( [21.12.2012 00:06 (fr. gplus)] [<p>TCP(7) Linux Programmer's Manual TCP(7). NAME top. tcp - TCP protocol. SYNOPSIS top. #include #include #include tcp_socket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);. DESCRIPTION top. This is an implementatio... ]( Digest powered by RSS Digest

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[03.12.2012 20:00 (fr. gplus)] [<p>如何对待观点不同的人. Dealing with Those Who Differ from You 尼寇尔(Dr. Roger R. Nicole)著,基甸、准翔译 (译注:英文原文“Dealing with Those Who Differ from You”载于 ]( Digest powered by RSS Digest

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[10.11.2012 19:51 (fr. gplus)] [![](;container=focus&amp;gadget=a&amp;rewriteMime=image/*&amp;refresh=31536000&amp;resize_h=150&amp;resize_w=150&amp;no_expand=1)<p>今年早些时候,我们报道过微软正在研发的一款“原声”语音翻译软件,它能把用户说的话翻译成其他语言播放出来,同时保留用户本身的口音、音色和语调,听上去就像用户亲口说的一样。今天,微软发布了该软件的最新演示视频,微软首席研究官瑞克•拉希德(Rick Rashid)在视频中利用该软件大秀还算标准的中国普通话。 ]( Digest powered by RSS Digest

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[01.11.2012 11:14 (fr. gplus)] [<p>美丽的圣诞节 感恩的心_茵草气息_新浪博客,茵草气息, ]( [31.10.2012 21:45 (fr. gplus)] [![](;container=focus&amp;gadget=a&amp;rewriteMime=image/*&amp;refresh=31536000&amp;resize_h=150&amp;resize_w=150&amp;no_expand=1)<p>The level of measurement refers to the relationship among the values that are assigned to the attributes for a variable. What does that mean? Begin with the idea of the variable, in this example "part... ]( [29.10.2012 23:37 (fr. gplus)] [![](;container=focus&amp;gadget=a&amp;rewriteMime=image/*&amp;refresh=31536000&amp;resize_h=150&amp;resize_w=150&amp;no_expand=1)<p>耶鲁教授Stephen Stearns致北大学生的一封信 背景 Prof. Sterns是耶鲁大学知名进化生物学家,本学期在北大开设Key Issues in Evolution和Principles of Evolution两门课程,总计40余名学生。在12月初,有一位学生交的期末论文中发现明显剽窃,为此教授公开宣布判此人零分并致函所有同学以示告诫。然而所有论文都递交之后,又发现两人有严重剽窃行为。教授因此非常伤心,致函如下: 翻译:Ent To my students in Beijing, Fall 2007: ...

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[03.10.2012 22:51 (fr. gplus)] [![](;gadget=a&amp;resize_h=100&amp;url= - One Last Time (Official Video)]( Digest powered by RSS Digest