Fundamental/Essential Mathmatic Foundation Books & Courses

2021-04-15. Category & Tags: Mathmatic, Book

See also: Machine Learning Books 3Blue1Brown / 3B1B videos on Bilibili & Youtube Note: The following books are more introductory than professional, but usually enough for most engineers. Linear Algebra # Sheldon Axler 《Linear Algebra Done Right / 线性代数应该这样学》(以线性变换为中心) [豆瓣 8.8,184 人],图灵社区出品,人民邮电出版社; supplementary videos (English subtitle) on Youtube and Bilibili; slides; Errata. 适合于上课后听不懂的二次自学。 麻省理工 Gilbert Strang “线性代数 MIT 18.06”(网易公开课有翻译) & 教材 《Introduction to Linear Algebra 线性代数》 [第五版 豆瓣 9.5,71 人] 清华大学出版社。 Videos (中英双字幕) on Bilibili & Youtube with Newly added content in 2020。 Strang 教授另有一本《Linear Algebra and Its Applications》,内容差不多。 ...

Learning Machine Learning, ML Books & Codes

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See also: Machine Learning - Just-do-it (hands on) Basics Math Books Favoured # MLY (Andrew Ng), Machine Learning Yearning (EN full: ch1-13), 《CN: 机器学习秘籍》(CN Web online), (CN Github) and someone’s notes: part 1 (bak), part 2 (bak) and part 3. MLAPP (Kevin Murphy), Machine Learning - A Probablistic Perspective, is more comprehensive, insightful and interesting, and contains more “real” examples/problems. However, the presents are kinda out of order, which can be difficult to follow for a first book. ...

Recommender System

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This is a detailed reproduction of ref. Sunny Summary # 3 steps: preprocessing to extract: author, average sentence length, average word length, punctuation profile, sentiment scores, part-of-speech profiles/tags (only in code, not taken into the csv). content-wise k-means clustering (on TFIDF scores) to get: 3 levels/degrees of clustering/classification results. knn search on the results of step 1 and 2 to get: recommendations (k=15 by default). Preprocessing # pip2 install nltk pip2 install twython # optional ? ...