Data Mining

2018-04-26. Category & Tags: Data Mining, DM, Machine Learning, ML

Read also: A 20-Year Community Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence Research in the US - 109 pages, AAAI. (CN intro: 美国人工智能研究的 20 年社区路线图(讨论稿)) Best Paper Awards in Computer Science (since 1996) (cn: DataWhale) AI Benchmark: web, cn intro Cheatsheets AI 最全干货超级大列表,100+ 张速查表全了! (github) 热心网友推荐真正有价值的机器学习课程 Papers with code/data: AI 研习社 (highly automated), esp. (CN intro) g/zziz/pwc by Nikola for CV, NLP, self-driving. DEFs Relation Overview # Most terminologies have been defined well, except “data mining” as the biggest concept. ...