DAMP (Django, Angular, Mysql-or-Mongo, Python)

2016-08-20. Category & Tags: Django, Angular, AngularJS

Conflict of {{ }} in Angular & Jinja # Solution 1 (suggested): vim static/js/app.js $interpolateProvider.startSymbol("[[").endSymbol("]]"); Solution 2 (ugly): Use {% verbatim %} and {% endverbatim %} paris. Restful API with Angular - A Shopping List Demo # (Very Simple Demo with Json) This is following the “Rest API” part of LearnDjango. We will “Consume the rest API” using AngularJS. BTW, a must watch video by Nina @ DjangoCon 2014. ...

Learning Django

2016-08-18. Category & Tags: Python, Django, Web

(updated 2021.1) Related: Learn Python Ref: This is a combined learning note of: basic level sentdex’s youtube tutorial 2016, the corresponding video+text one is here. official tutorial which is still too complicated for new users, so better to use that after following this blog. middle level another tutorial: Django Tutorials for Beginners 2016 book “O’Reilly 2014 - Test-Driven Development with Python (django 1.7)”. official docs: all-in-one 3.8-hour video. Python Django Web Framework - Full Course for Beginners 2018 w/ Code (in sublime). ...