OBS: cloning a VM with the status of pause (not powered-off), it canNOT re-initialize the MAC address. Thus, it is necessary to disconnect the cable and poweroff to re-initialize the MAC and then boot.


Two NICs are needed BEFORE installing the system to avoid messy issues.

  • To let the guests talk with each other, they need to have the same network, usually one of the "NAT network"s.
  • To access the guests from the host, the guests need another "Host-only" link.


To create a "NAT network":

VBoxManage natnetwork add --netname natnet1 --network "" --enable --dhcp on
VBoxManage natnetwork start --netname natnet1

(There is no NAT netwoks by default which is totally not understandable.)

Tip: dhcp can be turned off later:

VBoxManage natnetwork modify --netname natnet1 --dhcp off

Tip: port-forwarding:

VBoxManage natnetwork modify --netname natnet1 --port-forward-4 "ssh:tcp:[]:1022:[]:22"



Note: a name-server (e.g. Bind) is needed before installing a DHCP server.
The VB DHCP servers are not working properly and hard to manage. It is suggested to setup a seprate DHCP server. See here.