Hard-drive (HDD, SSD), Optical Drive (CD, DVD, M-Disc), U-Disk

2022 - 01 - 19

See also Network Attached Storage /nas.

Brands of SSD/U-Disk

  • Avoid: n 金 n 云, WD Green=SanDisk Plus(加强版)= just a big U-disk (U-disk controller, high delay, low seq. write speed, but seq. read speed is ok, overall speed is about x2~x4 HDD). Also: 海康、大唐的虚假宣传问题
  • At least: Toshiba/铠侠 TR200/TC10, 紫光S100, 浦科特 M8V, Intel 660P (warn: 660P tested bad)。
  • General: Crucial MX500, WD Blue = SanDisk 3D(不是加强版), Toshiba Q200EX, Intel 545S, Also: Samsung 860EVO。
  • Better: WD Black SN750 (code data issue), Intel Enterprise Level. extra: Samsung 860PRO。
  • 鲶鱼?: 海盗船 MP510/600。

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optical disk

Normal organic material optical disk can save data for 2~5 years (up to 20). Blue-ray disk (BD, 25GB) uses inorganic material and can save for 50 years (or higher up to 200 years with special techniques as some companies claim). M-Disc can be up to 500 years (the so-called thousand-year disk).

Optical disks may require regular re-backups.ref

ref: BD 7 years conditions, comparing several brands


SSD, as required, can save data for 1 year under 30℃, 2 years under 25 ℃ (usually with 500 times PE writing). A new SSD can save for 10 years. ref.


Maybe 1% error per year. May have unreoverable error if longer than 10 years. ???

lifespan ref

閒聊 Plextor M7V 破 5000 P/E 後的性能表現

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