Synolog NAS In-Case-Of

2021 - 06 - 07


sync folder

cd /volume1/homes/<user_name>/Drive/

make S.M.A.R.T. smart

Storage Manager > HDD/SSD > Test Scheduler:
edit the default "Auto S.M.A.R.T. Test" and set "S.M.A.R.T. Test Type" to "extended".

snapshot replication app (file version control)

Storage Manager > Volume > Action > Configure:
set "Record file access time frequency" to "never".

Next, open "Snapshot Replication" > Snapshots:
select the folder to be time-machined (e.g. homes) and open "settings":
set settings (sunny recommended):

  • Schedule > every 2 hours or daily snapshot at early morning
  • Retention > advanced retention policy: 12, 6, 3, 3, 0.
    • choose when to delete snapshots: e.g. several hours before taking
  • Advanced > check "make snapshot visible"

user home (for drive client)

Control Panel (with advanced) > User > Advanced > User Home > Enable user home service.


Control Panel (with advanced) > Hardware & Power > UPS




enable block expiration:

Control Panel (with advanced) > Security -> Account -> Enable block expiration (e.g. x days).
Otherwise the file /temp/var/lib/synosmartblock/db.sqlite-wal may grow too big and eat all space which causes ""You cannot login to the system because the disk space is full." [ref]

recycle emptying schedule:

Control Panel > Shared Folder > Right click > Action > "Create recycle bin emptying schedule".


CanNOT handle pathes/filenames longer than 255 (the same as OneDrive).


sync folder

cd /share/homes/<user_name>/.Qsync


  1. Mobile to NAS connection (either LAN or Internet) is extremely slow (slow enough that always trying to avoid).
  2. CanNOT provide free global search like Synology (very expensive subscription).

Sync Between Synology and QNap

[ref zhihu, bak]

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