Weird Windows Icon Web Font Display Bug

Problem Setting

Web fonts can not be decoded, pages are showing a lot of squares.

For instance, chrome gives following error in concole:

Failed to decode downloaded font: https://xxxx.ttf

Failed to decode downloaded font: https://xxxx.woff

Efficient Learning: Remember 90%

This is a summery of Kaifu Lee Wechat post, & Lifehack, original author: Sean Kim.

Wish you could learn faster?

Whether you’re learning Spanish, a new instrument, or a new sport, we could all benefit from accelerated learning. But the problem is, there’s only so much time in the day.

The key......

Nix Linux Distribution Comparison, Timeline and Relationship

It seems I forgot some relationship in Nix Distributions, so here is a note, including the categories (but not limitted to):

Debian, Ubuntu, Mint ...

RedHat, CentOS, Fedora ...

Slackware, Suse, OpenSuse ...

Arch, Antergos ...

Choosing a Distribution

Open-wrt Config TP-Link WR703N

Basic Configs in UI

First time connect, as suggested, give a root passwd and enable SSH server.

(Though enabled, you may need to manually "start" dropbear SSH server in the "startup" menu tab.)

Enable wireless and make it part of LAN.

Enable security and set a passwd.

The def......

Reference and Knowledge Management (Zotero, Qiqqa)


tip: google scholar > import to bib > ctrl + C > zotero import from clip board

Comparison of Programming Fonts - Fantasque vs Dejavu vs Mononoki vs Inconsolata

Before comparison, we need to know that the following sizes are roughly the same: dejavu09 vs mononoki10 vs inconsolata10


If you are looking at this page, you know coding.

If you know coding, you should know Dejavu.

Thus, I will skip the intro for it.


looks similar like dejavu, ......