Weird Windows Icon Web Font Display Bug

2016 - 07 - 20

Problem Setting

  • Web fonts can not be decoded, pages are showing a lot of squares.

For instance, chrome gives following error in concole:
Failed to decode downloaded font: https://xxxx.ttf
Failed to decode downloaded font: https://xxxx.woff

  • Desktop applications which used web fonts for UI also have display problems:

  • Double click .ttf or try to copy to Fonts folder will give system error:

the request file is not a valid font file


If Windows firewall (service) was terminated unexpectedly, the default policy blocks related actions.


Turn firewall on, and follow the steps in the order to stop the firewall.

  1. turn off firewall for all networks in control panel.
  2. stop Windows firewall service.
  3. config Windows firewall service as manual or disabled.
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