YouTube Feeds

YouTube Feeds

2011-08-05. Category & Tags: Others Others

YouTube has never offered too many feeds and they were usually difficult to find. The new YouTube API changed that, but the feeds are still inaccessible from the interface. This why I decided to compile a list of the most useful YouTube feeds you may want to add in your favorite feed reader:

1. Search feeds
(replace mapreduce with your query)

2. Search in a category
(Film is the category, while michel gondry is the query - you need to replace the space with %20. Other categories: Music, Comedy, News, Sports, Autos, Howto.)

3. The latest videos from a channel
(replace radiohead with your channel)

…or only the videos that match your keywords:

4. Feeds for favorite videos
(replace garyferro with your favorite username)

5. Your subscriptions
This is not a feed that comes directly from YouTube, it’s a Yahoo Pipe.

(concatenate the two lines and replace google with your username)

The feed above shows the latest videos from the first 25 subscriptions. For those who have more subscriptions, I created a new version of the pipe that shows the videos from up to 500 subscriptions:

(concatenate the two lines and replace MotherTalking with your username)

6. Playlists
(the code in italic can be obtained from the playlists’s URL (e.g.: Eric Speaks)