Plot in Python, Visualization wtih pyvis

Plot in Python, Visualization wtih pyvis

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Books & Docs #

  • Seaborn tutorial & gallary
  • OReilly 2017 - [easy to find common examples] Python Data Science Handbook
  • Packt 2015 - [nice code grammar] Python Data Visualization Cookbook, 2nd Ed. (Igor Milovanovic)
  • Packt 2015 - [rich & various content] Mastering Python Data Visualization
  • Packt 2015 - [advanced nice plots & deployments] Mastering matplotlib (D.M. McGreggor)
  • [Very bad composition] Packt 2018 - Matplotlib for Python Developers - 2nd Ed (by Allen Yu, Claire Chung)

Overview of Libs #

Python Data Visualisation Landscape

Python Data Visualisation Landscape w/ PyViz (PyViz Ecosystem)

Some of the important goals of PyViz are:

  • Emphasis should be on data of any size not coding
  • Full functionality and interactivity should be available right in the browsers(not desktops)
  • The focus should be more on people who are Python users and not web programmers.
  • Again focus should be more on 2D viz more than 3D.
  • Exploitation of general -purpose SciPy/PyData tools with which the Python users are already familiar

Ref by kdnuggets: PyViz: Simplifying the Data Visualisation Process in Python