Skype port 80 and port 443

Skype port 80 and port 443

2011-05-26. Category & Tags: Others Others

Contents #

  • Introduction
  • Windows
  • Other Operating Systems

Introduction #

In order to use Skype on campus, Supernode status MUST
be disabled. The following instructions/patch will disable supernode
status. More information about supernode status can be found here.

Windows #

1. Download the patch by right clicking here and saving link as a .reg file

2. Open file, and confirm all prompts.

3. If everything is done correctly you should get the following message.

registry editor

4. You can now delete the original downloaded file as well.

Other Operating Systems #

1. Open Skype and go to Tools– Options


2. Under the Connections tab, UNCHECK “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections” and then click Save.


Supernode status will now be disabled.