Compare Frontend Javascript Frameworks

2016 - 10 - 19

Very flexible, we can do whatever we want, in whatever way.

It is hard to write ugly code cuz we need to follow the rules. Good for teamwork.

Two-way data-binding is not free.
It will just do what we tell it to do. Thus, we need to write a lot of code.

It is V in MVC.
Two-way data-binding is not free.
Update is very cheap by doming DOM diff & update.
Easy & great cross-platform including mobile phone apps.
JSX which, like CoffeeScript, transpiles into native JavaScript.

The Table of Contents is very useful. This TOC is backed up on pastebin.

Non-free video (2014): 5.5 hours video to learn the whole comparison. $39/mon with 12min free trial
oreilly $29
pluralsight free 200 minutes with creditcard

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