Nix Linux Distribution Comparison, Timeline and Relationship

2016 - 07 - 13

It seems I forgot some relationship in Nix Distributions, so here is a note, including the categories (but not limitted to):

  1. Debian, Ubuntu, Mint ...
  2. RedHat, CentOS, Fedora ...
  3. Slackware, Suse, OpenSuse ...
  4. Arch, Antergos ...

Choosing a Distribution

Big Picture Here (3000*2116)
ref 2015, src (2015)

Compare Distro Stats

Big Picture Here
ref 2011 nov., drive backup

Distro Relationship (Simple)

Linux Distro Relationship (Simple)
Big Picture Here
ref 2010

Distro Relationship (Enhanced, Pro)

Linux Distro Relationship (Enhanced)
Big Picture Here
ref 2011, drive backup

Distro Relationship (Complete, Pro Plus)

small example pic:
Linux Distro Relationship (Complete, Pro Plus)
Big Picture svg Here
Big Picture png Here
ref 2016, github konimex src, drive backup png, drive backup svg

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