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Learning Django MVC Framework


Learning Python

Ref: This is combined learning notes of:

basic level sentdex's youtube tutorial, the corresponding video+text one is here.

middle level another tutorial: Django Tutorials for Beginners

book "O'Reilly 2014 - Test-Driven Development with Python (django 1.7)&qu......




This is suggested for very new users to use a stable environment.

It is NOT suitable for normal users / experienced programmers / engineers.

for windows

Download Python 3 from Anaconda and install.

From Windows "Start" menu, run "Jupyter" directly. (at least ......

Cross-Read & -Write R, Py, Matlab, Binary Files

Note: feather-format is desigend to transfer data between Py & R [stackoverflow, feather-doc].


OBS: only for data.frame type, not even arrays.

py (feather-format)

Requires: pip install feather-format. (OBS: feather-format NOT feather.)


import numpy as np

import pandas as pd

df =......