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AI Cloud

"if you plan to use deep learning extensively (>150 hrs/mo), building your own deep learning workstation might be the right move." [medium]

Baidu AI Studio (only for PaddlePaddle)

Paperspace (cooperating with

Google Colab (cooperating with (C2C/P2P sharing, v......

Caffe Installation, Hello World

Note: tested with Ubuntu 16.04.1 using /root, for newer Ubuntu version (>= 17.04), check here.

Installation & Self-Tests

Use the installation script here.

//(Sunny only added conditional USE_CUDNN=1, the rest is the same as: ref. You may wanna set USE_CUDNN to 0, if no GPU is used).


Install TensorFlow with CUDA GPU for Deep Learning

See also:

How to setup Docker and Nvidia-Docker 2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04


Summary: install CUDA first, then TF.

ref TF 1.0 doc

ref nvidia doc, until step 3


64-bit Linux

Python 2.7 or 3.3+ (3.5 used in this blog)

NVIDIA CUDA 7.5 (8.0 if Pascal GPU)

NVIDIA cuDNN >v4.0 (v5.1 r......