apt-get install quota


Add options usrquota,grpquota in /etc/fstab:

UUID=a5bcc8d7-asdf / ext4 errors=remount-ro,usrquota,grpquota 0 1

Set quota:

setquota -u -F vfsv0 USERNAME 4000000 5000000 0 0 /

4 000 000 ≈ 4GB.

OBS: block size is always 1 KB as unit, regardless file ......

VirtualBox Network and Skills

OBS: cloning a VM with the status of pause (not powered-off), it canNOT re-initialize the MAC address. Thus, it is necessary to disconnect the cable and poweroff to re-initialize the MAC and then boot.


Tested on v18.04.

sudo apt-get update && \

sudo apt-get -y install vir......

Restful API

The insomnia client is used, (Postman is too slow, SoapUI has not been tested).

Powershell In Case Of

Use Microsoft Terminal

choco install -y microsoft-windows-terminal

Customizing PS Prompt (Use ConEmu)

See more in [codeship].

Bitvise SSH Client & Server


tunnelling (c2s)

(redirect traffic from C*lient ports to *S*erver ports)

The client will listen on **interface* and forward the request to the server, the server will forward the request to the destination.

See also: bit.ly/s_ssh > # SSH Tunneling > ## port forwarding (direc......

Recommender System

This is a detailed reproduction of ref.

Sunny Summary

3 steps:

preprocessing.py preprocessing to extract: author, average sentence length, average word length, punctuation profile, sentiment scores, part-of-speech profiles/tags (only in code, not taken into the csv).

TFIDF.py content-wise k-mean......