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Reference and Knowledge Management (Zotero, Qiqqa)


We need to have 2 parts: a standalone client running in Windows, and a browser extension capturing web page info to send to the client. Besides, we need some zotero extensions to automate bib info and file naming.

Note: Zotero 4 is suggested, Zotero v5 canNOT automatically attach files, we n......

MS Tools, MicroSoft Tools

Sysinternals Utilities


MicroSoft (MS) Office Citation/Bibliography - How To

NOTE: this article is dated, please use Zotero plugins.

1. Import Resources

MathType (Equation 公式编辑器) How-To

How to use mathtype:

1. Let there be green.

run !)MathTypePortable.exe and click the left button “安装”.

give any require a "pass". wait 10 sec.

done, you could close the window now.

2. run the main executable MathType.exe. enjoy!




1. you could paste your latex equa......



还有半年,我能做的就是"struggle for success"了,向这个女生学习.

也向zq和那个泰国人借鉴"just do it"的优点.

还有半年, 半年后我是谁?




Latex 调用 Bibtex (IEEEtran in pdfLatex of TexWorks)

文章结束(\end{document})前 加入:



其中"references" 是文件名, 指同文件夹下的 references.bib, .bib文件格式为:


author={Everett, G. and McLeod, R.},

title={Software Testing(Testing Across the Entire Software Development Life Cycle)},</pre>......