AI Cloud

"if you plan to use deep learning extensively (>150 hrs/mo), building your own deep learning workstation might be the right move."

Baidu AI Studio (only for PaddlePaddle)

Paperspace (cooperating with

Google Colab (cooperating with (C2C/P2P sharing, very......

Reinforcement Learning


See simple DEF & code in 邱锡鹏 教授 2020 神经网络与深度学习.

Plot in Python, Visualization wtih pyvis

Books & Docs

Seaborn tutorial & gallary

OReilly 2017 - [easy to find common examples] Python Data Science Handbook

Packt 2015 - [nice code grammar] Python Data Visualization Cookbook, 2nd Ed. (Igor Milovanovic)

Packt 2015 - [rich & various content] Mastering Python Data Visualization......

NLP Framework Comparison


SpaCy for take-and-use in production. NLTK to try new things.

ref en

en backup

in cn

cn backup

Learning Machine Learning, ML Books & Codes

See also:

Machine Learning - Just-do-it (hands on) Basics

Math Books


MLY (Andrew Ng), Machine Learning Yearning (EN full: ch1-13), 《CN: 机器学习秘籍》(CN Web online), (CN Github) and someone's notes: part 1 (bak), part 2 (bak) and part 3.

ML Interpratation, Comprehensibility & Causality

See also:

DL-theory > ## cnn visualization/comprehensibility

可解释的机器学习 (What)

可解释性的重要性 (Why)

具体如何解释 (How)

Insights which can be extracted from the models

Permutation Importance

Partial Dependency Plots

SHAP Values

SHAP Values in Advance

LIME (万金油), Tree interpreter, etc.


Recommender System

This is a detailed reproduction of ref.

Sunny Summary

3 steps: preprocessing to extract: author, average sentence length, average word length, punctuation profile, sentiment scores, part-of-speech profiles/tags (only in code, not taken into the csv). content-wise k-......

Caffe Installation, Hello World

Note: tested with Ubuntu 16.04.1 using /root, for newer Ubuntu version (>= 17.04), check here.

Installation & Self-Tests

Use the installation script here.

//(Sunny only added conditional USE_CUDNN=1, the rest is the same as: ref. You may wanna set USE_CUDNN to 0, if no GPU is used).


Hadoop HDFS

(Update: tested v2.7.2 on Ubuntu 18)


OBS: security warning !

Note: change the core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml content before running.

Note: change the HDUSER username before running.

# w/ java

curl | bas......

Install R in Ubuntu

UBUNTU 18.04sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys E298A3A825C0D65DFD57CBB651716619E084DAB9 && \

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb bionic-cran40/' && \

sudo apt update && \

sudo apt install -y r-base r-bas......

TensorFlow Engineering with CUDA GPU for Deep Learning

See also:

TF practical part in do deep learning

How to setup Docker and Nvidia-Docker 2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04


Summary: install CUDA first, then TF.

ref TF 1.0 doc

ref nvidia doc, until step 3


64-bit Linux

Python 2.7 or 3.3+ (3.5 used in this blog)

NVIDIA CUDA 7.5 (8.0......